My Cat has Blood in its Stool
If your cat has blood in its stool on only one occasion, and otherwise appears to be eating, drinking and acting normally, the cause may simply be a minor .

Cat with blood in the stool? - Yahoo! Answers
The cat might have one of the many common intestinal parasites that cats are prone to, worms or possibly coccidia. Coccidia is very hard to detect but the standard .

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What to Do if Your Cat Has Bloody Stools | LoveToKnow
However, if your cat frequently has blood in the feces or passes an extraordinary amount of blood, this could be an indicator of something more serious. .

Blood in stool - VetInfo
Sep 6, 2007 . I feed him dry food for kitten and sometimes mixed with boiled chicken meat. . Bright red blood in a cat's stool can happen for several reasons. .

What causes blood in a cat feces? - Page 1
My cat has blood in feces, what is this caused by? TJ Dibiaso Answer Hi thanks for your email. Blood in the feces can be caused by several reasons. .

cat has blood in feces
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cat has blood in feces

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What is wrong if a cat has blood in its feces
If your cat has blood in its feces, take it to the vet immediately. What could be wrong if a cat has blood in it's feces? It could be a number of things. Worms are a .

Cat Health Care Questions
Provide the cats that are sick with a quiet and warm place to rest and plenty of food . Blood in Stool - One of my cats has produced a soft stool with fresh blood . .

Cat Food: Blood found in cat's feces, dark stools, high fiber diet
Cat Food/Blood found in cat's feces. Advertisement. Expert: KC - 9/11/2007. Question What is the indication if a cat's feces has blood in it? Answer Hi Lynn - If .

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My Cat Has Blood In His Stool Is This Dangerous? Should I Be ...
cats Question: My Cat Has Blood In His Stool Is This Dangerous? Should I Be Worried? Yes blood in stool is not a healthy sign. Has it taken any medicine in .

Cat Vomiting Causes and Treatments: Vomiting Bile, Blood and More
Inspect the vomitus for blood, fecal material, and foreign objects. . Any cat who vomits blood has a serious condition and must be seen right away by a .

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Causes of Blood in Stool in Cats
Upon noticing blood in the stool many cat owners may become concerned, perhaps primarily because they have learned to associate the presence of blood with .

Pets Symptom Solver Tool -- Digestive System - iVillage
May 14, 2002 . Few things are more frightening than seeing blood in the stool because this is . But in dogs and cats, it generally isn't quite that serious, says Michael . The surface of your pet's stool has spots or smears of blood; His stool is .

Symptoms of Cat Illnesses
Cat with high white blood cell count I took my cat to the veterinarian. . Sick Kitty with Loose Feces My vet says my cat has an intestinal parasite and we are now .

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Our Cat Has IBD - Feline Infiltrative Bowel Disease
We met Maya, a petite tuxedo cat with soft, medium-length hair, and immediately fell in . in the past we have noted small amounts of blood or mucus in her stool. .

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    Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea? Why Does My Cat Have Diarrhea?
    If there is blood in this stool, it will be chocolate-colored, not bright red. . I suggest feeding dogs and cat with this problem three times a day or leaving the food .

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    butt blood! - cats bleeding anus | Ask MetaFilter
    Is blood coming from a cat's butt always serious? . This was fairly obvious, as he was tracking his poop around with him by a strand of it .

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